Use Scottish Government Legislation To Write
Off Up To 90% Of Your Debt And Clear The
Remaining Balance In 36 Months

Scottish Trust Deed Pros and Cons

A Trust Deed Scotland offer many advantages that make them appealing to Scotland residents whose debt load has become unmanageable.


  • You may pay significantly reduced amounts to your creditors
  • May be established with no upfront cost
  • Covered creditors may not pursue further collection actions once your Deed becomes protected
  • Lenders must accept final trust fund balance as full payment
  • Sufficient flexibility and adaptability to changing economic circumstances


  • May be established only by a licensed Insolvency Practitioner
  • Negatively impacts credit rating
  • Ineligibility for certain employment or public offices
  • Interest and other account fees continue accruing during establishment
  • Creditors might not accept it
  • Possibility of debtor losing his/her home
  • If you do not strictly adhere to all Deed terms your financial accounts can be frozen or you may be forced into bankruptcy
  • Requires six weeks for initial setup
  • Recorded on Public Register of Insolvencies and published in Edinburgh Gazette


Trust Deeds Overview

Insolvency Practitioner is required to establish:

  • Reduced debt repayment
  • That continues for three years
  • For only unsecured debts
  • That creditors may not agree to
  • Trustee has the responsibility to distribute  monthly instalments to covered creditors;
  • In order to be protected, the majority of your creditors or those who hold at least 33% of total covered debt must agree to Trust Deed terms;
  • Unless it becomes protected, creditors may pursue further collection actions;
  • Covered debts are extinguished at end of repayment period;
  • Is notated in public records

If you live in Scotland and have found yourself unable to fully repay all your creditors, we can help you.  We will review your current financial situation thoroughly to determine if a Trust Deed is the best solution for you.  If it is, we provide you with a referral to one of our professional Insolvency Practitioners who will then compute a monthly instalment that you can afford.  After doing so, they will draw up the documents needed to pursue this  debt relief solution.  We provide all these services for no charge to the debtor; this is why we are the preferred alternative to other vendors who impose fees for similar services.

Once you have a Protected Trust Deed in force, you may concentrate on repaying your debts without fear of further collection actions by creditors.  Simply remit one lump-sum payment to your Trustee each month, who will then distribute it to covered creditors. 

After the repayment period ends, all covered debts are legally deemed as "paid in full."  Thus, in three short years, up to ninety percent of your debts can be charged off and you will be ready for a new start.  Although getting your credit to an acceptable level takes time, the effort and time required is much less than with other options such as bankruptcy.

Our professional agents at are familiar with all aspects of Scottish Trust Deeds. We have employed this debt relief strategy to improve many clients' quality of life by enabling them to escape from an extremely difficult financial situation.  Contact us today and let us know about your own financial circumstances so we can determine if we are able to assist you!


Do I Qualify For Trust Deed?

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Totally Debt Free In 4 Years!

A typical Trust Deed arrangement will last for 4 years (unlike an IVA which is 5 years) meaning you will be back on your feet with your finances faster!.

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