Use Scottish Government Legislation To Write
Off Up To 90% Of Your Debt And Clear The
Remaining Balance In 36 Months

Scottish Trust Deed Fundamentals

Trust Deeds entail negotiating a fixed monthly instalment with unsecured creditors for a pre-set length of time; three years is a common term.  Only unsecured debt can be included in these arrangements.  Unsecured debts require no security or collateral to ensure repayment.  Store cards, credit cards, personal loans, and bank overdraft lines of credit are all common examples of unsecured debts.


Licensed Insolvency Practitioners are the only parties who may legally orchestrate a Deed on behalf of another person.  These professionals typically charge a fee of 2,500 to 5,000 for their services.  This amount includes service as Deed Trustee.  The fee is deducted from the routine monthly payments that the debtor must make during the repayment term.  We are familiar with many Insolvency Practitioners; thus, we are able to recommend a competent Practitioner to guarantee that you receive the best possible service for your hard-earned money.


With a Scottish Trust Deed, creditors are repaid a total amount that is less than the original debt balance.  All concerned parties voluntarily agree to this arrangement, however, as the debtor must use disposable income and existing assets to repay his or her creditors, after meeting basic living expenses.   In addition, income contributions may be required for a three to five-year period.  A structured Deed is an excellent bankruptcy alternative for those who cannot repay their debts in full.  All such Deeds are recorded in the Edinburgh Gazette where credit reporting agencies and banks will see it, and as a public record in the Register of Insolvencies.


Do I Qualify For Trust Deed?

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Do I Qualify?

Totally Debt Free In 4 Years!

A typical Trust Deed arrangement will last for 4 years (unlike an IVA which is 5 years) meaning you will be back on your feet with your finances faster!.

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