Use Scottish Government Legislation To Write
Off Up To 90% Of Your Debt And Clear The
Remaining Balance In 36 Months

Trust Deed Scotland Qualifications

Scottish homeowners, renters, and Scotland residents who live with their parents qualify.  Candidates should have a minimum of £10,000 in total outstanding debt, the debt should be owed to at least two different creditors, and there must be some excess income.  Debtors who currently have CCJ's against them may submit a Trust Deed Proposal.  No credit check is required, as there is no borrowing involved in these debt repayment arrangements.  Married debtors should let their spouse know their intentions before entering into this arrangement.


Some employment contracts preclude current employees from applying for Trust Deeds.  Many companies, most notably those in the financial sector, often have policies against hiring people with outstanding trust deeds.  Regulations of many public bodies may also prohibit people with an active  arrangement from holding certain offices.  We have the knowledge and resources to help you learn whether or not your occupation or job prohibits you from applying for a Trust Deed Scotland.


Debtor Obligations
A Trust Deed in Scotland is a legally-binding contractual agreement wherein the debtor agrees to repay reduced amounts of his or her debts.  The debtor is responsible for making the agreed-upon monthly instalments.  If timely payment does not occur, creditors may initiate legal collections actions or the Trustee can force the debtor into bankruptcy.  The debtor may not incur any new credit obligations; and, if he or she receives a windfall of more than 200, they must promptly inform the Trustee.  Complete cooperation with the Trustee is mandatory throughout every step of the entire process.


If the debtor is the sole or joint owner of a home, he or she must convey all ownership rights to the Trustee.  The real estate may be used to offset the Trustee's fees or repay covered debts.  While a protected Deed is active, the debtor may not initiate a Debt Arrangement Scheme or file bankruptcy.  If, however, the arrangement fails, the debtor may also be barred from establishing a Debt Arrangement Scheme.


Do I Qualify For Trust Deed?

Answer a few simple questions on the form above and our system will see if you qualify to write off up to 90% of what you cannot afford to repay.

Do I Qualify?

Totally Debt Free In 4 Years!

A typical Trust Deed arrangement will last for 4 years (unlike an IVA which is 5 years) meaning you will be back on your feet with your finances faster!.

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